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Clinical Myotherapy
Reformer Pilates




• Clinical Myotherapist
• Kinetic link training instructor
• Reformer & Mat Pilates Instructor

After completing my Bach. Health Sci/Clinical Myotherapy over 10 years ago, I have been working in private practice.

The Finley Pilates & Clinical Myotherapy clinic was started 7 years ago & after multiple moves around town, we have now settled in our current location.

I am currently studying a Bach of Social Work and love to learn about the ways the physical, psychological and environmental elements of the body interact. 

I have had the privilege of learning from experienced therapists both locally and abroad. My time working in Timor Leste has lead to an ongoing relationship between our local community and communities in regional Timor.  


• Pilates Instructor 

I completed my Pilates training through Breathe in 2021, starting with FPCM shortly after.

 Having played an array of sports for most of my life, I can confidently say I have a passion for being active.

I'm driven to believe that strength & movement is an essential part of everyday living. I feel that everybody should have access to the means & education related to movement & exercise. Being an instructor for me, is a form of giving back and being part of that process.


• Pilates Instructor 

• ASCA Level 1 S&C Coach

My study, training and practice withing the fitness space started in 2010. I began work with FPCM after ongoing training over 8 years ago.

 I like to think that my enthusiasm for exercise & movement is transferred through my instructing style, helping clients to achieve their own individual goals.

I have enjoyed working with the diverse array of clients that I have come across thus far. This includes people seeking pre & post-natal maintenance & strength, injury prevention & recovery, amateur athletes looking build on elements to better themselves within their sport & people in their later stages of life wanting to work on strength, balance & mobility.

Di Sexton

• Pilates Instructor 

I completed my Pilates training through Breathe in 2022, starting with FPCM shortly after.

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